Friday, October 7, 2011

Haunted Boyington Oak Tree in Mobile, Alabama

In the early 1800s in Mobile, Alabama, a man by the name of Charles Boyington and his good friend Nathaniel Frost for some reason, liked to spend some of their afternoons in the Church Street Graveyard on Bayou Street.  Whether they liked the serenity of the graveyard setting or liked to pass time reading the tombstones, it is unknown.  However, the two would forever be remembered by this location and would become permanent residents sooner than expected.

Church Street Graveyard in Mobile, Alabama home of the haunted Boyington Oak Tree

One day Nathaniel Frost was found stabbed to death in the very cemetery that he and Charles Boyington like to spend so much time in.  Authorities having no other leads, assumed that Frost's killer was Boyington since they spent so much time together in that location.  Boyington of course pleaded his innocence, declaring that it was not he who committed the crime. The authorities were not convinced and Boyington was slated to be put to death for the crime.

On his day of execution in February 1835, Boyington proclaimed that a mighty oak tree would rise from his grave as proof that he was an innocent man.  Charles Boyington was hung to death and his body placed in a grave in Potter's field which was a portion of the Church Street Graveyard.  A few months after he was lain to rest, an oak tree began to sprout from Boyington's grave.

The Boyington Oak in Mobile, Alabama.  Haunted by the spirit of Charles Boyington

Potter's Field is now a playground located near the public library, but the oak tree stands to this day surrounded by wooden posts, enduring extreme hazards that wrecked many other mighty trees in the neighborhood.  The tree is known as Boyington Oak and many claim that when the wind blows through the tree's branches you can hear the voice of Charles Boyington on the wind crying his innocence.

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