Saturday, October 1, 2011

Phantom Brakeman of Gurdon, Arkansas (Gurdon Spook Lights)

Deep in the hills of Clark County Arkansas just south west of Little Rock near the town of Gurdon, there is a phenomenon that has been witnessed by hundreds, yet there is no explanation for what people have described as "spook lights" which is a common term for strange unexplained lights that have been witnessed by many.  Strange lights are actually common around the world and some refer to them as "will-o-the-wisp" or "fairy lights" among others.  They seem to mostly occur in wet areas or bogs after the sun has gone down.

Photo of the Gurdon spook light or what some call the phantom brakeman of Gurdon

In the case of Gurdon, Arkansas this story has a certain twist.  The light appears over and along the rail line.  Legend has it that in the 1920s, a railway brakeman, William McClain, was walking along the tracks as a train was passing.  He lost his footing and fell towards the train and was beheaded.  Others claim that the railroad worker got into a dispute and was murdered at this location.  However, no matter how it happened, a brakeman did die there and shortly afterwards, folks who happened to be in the hills began to see a strange light moving along the tracks at night.  The light would move from side to side as if it were a lantern being carried by someone walking along the tracks.  The lights appear to be bluish-white, white, or greenish in color bearing no reflection whatsoever. Many claim that this is the ghost of William McClain walking the tracks looking for his head.

It is believed that the light on the horizon in this photo is that of the Gurdon Spook Light or the Phantom Brakeman of Gurdon

The lights cannot be seen from any road and it takes a significant hike to get to the spot where you can see them.  This haunting has been studied, photographed, filmed, and investigated by many, and has been featured on TV documentaries.  However, over the past century, no one has been able to give a scientific explanation as to the origin of the spook lights of Gurdon.

Photo of the Gordon Spook Light

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