Monday, October 10, 2011

Black Phantom of Anna Maria Island - Bradenton Beach, FL

On the shores of Anna Maria Island along Bradenton Beach, Florida one can find the spectacular views relaxing as many other beach goers have.  However, there is also something else that roams the beaches of Anna Maria.
Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island is host to more than just beach goers

In 1923, Henry Curry, resident of nearby Bradenton, built a house along the shore of Bradenton Beach.  It is said that over the years, the house became inhabited by various spirits  who were most likely former residents or had ties to the home in some way.  One of them was a woman who was reported to have drown out at sea when the ship she was sailing on wrecked and sank.  A young boy and his ghostly dog that appears to be a dalmatian have also been spotted in the Curry house. Another ghost said to haunt the beach side home was what appeared to be a captain or a sailor who smoked a pipe and wore clothing that of a seaman.  Another spooky trait of the home was that it always smelled of orange blossom perfume, even from the outside.

The southern tip of haunted Anna Maria Island, Florida
Bradenton Beach, Florida on Anna Maria Island

Eventually, the house was torn down because no one wanted to purchase it.  Condominiums have since taken it's place.  However, the phantoms of the Curry house may still linger in the area.  Shadow people have been seen walking the sandy shores of Brandenton Beach.  There is one spirit in particular that appears in the form of a black shadow with some sort of hat.  This Black Phantom who may be the ghost of the seaman from the Curry house, has been seen by many at various times of the day including broad daylight, moving through the trees and walking across the beach to the waters edge where it just seems to disappear into the sea.

Bradenton Beach, Florida just may be the place to go relax, enjoy the beach, and take in a ghost or two!

So take a stroll on the shores of Bradenton Beach and see if you encounter any spirits from the past!  

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  1. in 1965 my mother rented a beach house across the road from that house.we would always smell that mother would refer it as the perfume ghost..

  2. when I was Little I was out on the beach with my mother And I was at one of the pavilions out by coquina beach. And I remember seeing a man dressed all in black walk across the pavilion I was using he stopped in the middle of the pavilion and turned and looked at me. I was little and still thought it was odd that someone would be walking on the beach all in black and I said wow he must be hot wearing all black. he stopped and turned to look at me and smiled. I freaked out because his face was skeletal like when he smiled. I thought it was odd that he smiled at me and then just walked away. I was so freaked out and scared that I had completely forgotten about it until now when I read this. It was freaky.

  3. My son when he was about 7 saw plenty of ghost around the area of the house that got tore down. Kids pick up on spirits.

  4. Last week on Aug. 12th or 13th, 2014, I was on Bradenton beach by the public access area near Anna Maria Island Inn and the empty lot. I was by myself sitting on a chair, near the shore, and just staring out at the sea enjoying the ocean. Suddenly something/someone walked behind me and headed north up the beach. I only saw it out of the corner of my eye and it didn't stop near me, I sensed it more than saw anyone when I looked in it's direction. (kind of like when you know someone is in a room with you even though you don't hear or see them right away) Whatever I saw just kept going. I wasn't aware of any sitings or ghost stories in the area, but decided to look online to see if anyone else had this happen. I was so surprised when I ran across this site! Glad to see that it wasn't just me that has had this experience. In case anyone wants to replicate what I did. I will say, that I was by myself, I am a woman in my 40s, I sat nearby the shore, away from crowds, not drinking, had no electronics with me such as cellphone or camera, and was just quietly looking out at the sea for a half hour/45 minutes or so before this happened. It was around sunset time so somewhere between 7 or 8 at night. Definitely a strange experience. Whatever I saw seemed intent on just walking by and didn't try to get my attention at all. I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, but it was definitely an adult human size.

  5. Intriguing. I wonder if anyone has considered that the orange blossom smell could actually be from the Tropicana plant on the other side of town? When they burn the orange peels, it smells strongly of oranges all over the area.