Monday, October 7, 2013

The Girl on Highway 365 - Woodson, Arkansas

On a stretch of road centered around Woodson, Arkansas, there come tales of drivers who come across a young girl hitching a ride to the town of Woodson, mostly around the month of June on rainy evenings. However, this no ordinary young lady as she is wearing a white gown that is stained with blood from her bruised and battered face with a cut on her forehead. 

The ghost of a girl wanders highway 365 near Woodson, Arkansas.  
Photo credit: © Aija Krodere |

Most drivers eager to help the seemingly injured girl, volunteer to take her home to nearby Woodson.  "It isn't far" she tells them.  "I will be fine once I get home".  In most cases, when they arrive at their destination, the drivers get out and go around to help the girl out of the car, the passenger seat is empty.

Upon inquiring within the house to see if somehow the girl slipped inside without being seen, they are informed by the people living there that the girl they are referring to is their daughter.  And that she and her boyfriend were on their way to the prom in May of 1973 when their car skidded off the rain slicked highway and they both died on the scene.

Drivers have spotted this phantom hitchhiker as far north as just south of Little Rock to below Hensley, AR.  So beware as you are driving this stretch of highway in the south eastern United States as you may encounter the girl on highway 365.

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