Friday, October 18, 2013

Phantom Trucker of Booger Mountain - between Barbourville and Corbin, Kentucky

This haunting originates back to the 1950s when the only road between Barbourville and Corbin, Kentucky was a narrow, winding, dangerous road over Gilliam Hill, known locally today as Booger (Bugger) Mountain because of some terrible things that happened there years ago.

A ghostly truck haunts "Booger" Mountain on the highway between Barbourville and Corbin, Kentucky.
A ghostly truck haunts "Booger" Mountain on the highway between Barbourville and Corbin, Kentucky.

Supposedly during the 1950s, when the only passage from Barbourville to Corbin was over the mountains via Highway 25.  On the downward slope, the road gets a bit curvy and dangerous.  A truck driver was coming down the mountain in his rig one night.  Whether he lost his brakes or was just plain going too fast, it is unknown.  Regardless, he lost control of the eighteen wheeler and went over the edge and down the side of the mountain.  He died in the crash.

It is said that on certain Saturday evenings if you are traveling up Booger Mountain, you will see what appears to be truck headlights coming at your or coming up fast behind you in your rear view mirror.  Now matter how hard you try to evade the lights, they seem to turn right towards you.  Then, at the last minute just when you feel you are about to crash, the lights will suddenly swerve away and go over the side and down the hill!  Others have seen a hovering light on the the road or moving along the road which appeared to have the dark shadow of a person inside of it.

Another possible reason people feel that Booger Mountain is haunted are rumors that years ago a serial killer was on the rampage in the area.  He targeted young red headed girls.  One or more of this victims were found on this nasty stretch of road.  You may get the feeling that someone is watching you as you make your way over the mountain in the darkness.  If your hair stands on end and you get an eerie feeling, be sure that it is the ghosts of booger mountain.

No matter what the cause, it is certain that Booger Road is one of the scariest night time passages around.  And as the saying goes...  Don't follow the lights!

36° 56' 45.47" N  83° 57' 24.14" W
Barbourville Rd (Ky 1232 or old Highway 25)
Gray, KY 40734

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