Sunday, July 10, 2011

Restless Spirits of Sloss Furnace - Birmingham, Alabama

Undoubtedly, one of he most haunted places in the state of Alabama, the Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham now abandoned as a former steel making facility has been the subject of many paranormal investigations.

Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama has been the site of many deaths over the years

Sloss furnace began operating in 1882, turning iron ore into tons of steel for many uses across the country.  One of the foremen who oversaw the night shift for a time, was notorious for overworking his crew.  His name was James Wormwood.  He would push the workers in the 120 heat, overworking them and treating them horribly.  Hundreds of workers died at the plant from the deplorable conditions that existed. Wormwood's shift became known as the "graveyard shift".

Sloss Furnace was originally constructed with one large furnace nicknamed "Alice" which remained the largest even after two more were added at the end of the decade

Records state that Wormwood was overtaken by gas fumes one fateful evening, fell and tumbled off of the top of "Alice", the largest furnace, into the fires below.  Although, many believe that there is a terrible secret being kept that the workers of the "graveyard shift", fed up with Wormwood and his ways, tossed him into the molten fires of the furnaces.

One of the tunnels of Sloss Furnace

Over the years many people have claimed to see ghostly figures lingering in the shadows near the furnaces.  Although the furnaces have been inactive for some time, concerts and events are held on the facility.  Many roaming the old furnace complex have seen the same phantom lurking in the shadows, and some have seen another.  Others have experienced other forms of paranormal activity such as hearing strange noises in the buildings, feelings of dread and doom, and more commonly, sudden drops in temperature in certain areas of the furnace.  

Sloss Furnaces can be a formidable site at night

After several witnesses on an individual basis were shown photos of the former workers, there were two common identifications.  One of them being a worker named Theophilus Jowers who loved working at the plant and considered it a close knit part of him.  However, he tragically lost his life to his love one day after he accidentally fell into the furnace.  And the other individual that was most identified as being one of the ghosts spotted in the furnace...  was none other than James Wormwood.

Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama has been made a National Historic Landmark
Sloss Furnaces, the darkened area to the left on this photo, is still a fixture of the Birmingham skyline

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  1. I think if you do some research you'll find that Jowers never worked at Sloss, he worked actually at Alice Furnances across town and died their exactly as you say instead of Sloss