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Ghost of Theodosia Burr - Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks and Bald Head Island , North Carolina

Theodosia Burr was the daughter of the 3rd Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr who served with Thomas Jefferson.  Aaron became a notorious character who engaged in a pistol duel with Alexander Hamilton and killed him.  He was indicted for murder, and later on another occasion tried for treason, but went into hiding outside the country.  He later returned to live in  New York.  His daughter Theodosia eventually married the governor of South Carolina, Joseph Alston and moved to the state with him.

Theodosia Burr-Alston

There are many accounts of how Theodosia's life ended, but there is one fact for certain, on December 13, 1812 she boarded the the Patriot, a schooner headed to New York City.  The ship sailed from Georgetown, South Carolina and the ship, crew, and passengers were never seen again.  Some believe that the ship was lost at sea in a terrible storm, others believe that the ship was lured into the treacherous rocks of Cape Hatteras by placing lanterns on the top of the dunes near Kill-Devil-Hills where it ran aground off shore and was then boarded by pirates who killed all of the passengers.   There are stories of pirates later on their deathbeds confirming these stories and of Theodosia's death.  Other people claim that she was spared and made it to shore to live as a recluse, not wanting anyone to know of her identity due to her fathers exploits in the past.  Some believe she lived near Bald Head Island, others claim it was in Alexandria, Virginia where she became very ill then died and that she is buried there in an unmarked grave.

No matter how she died, it is certain that many have claimed to see the ghost of Theodosia wandering along the eastern coastal beaches.  Many have claimed to spot an apparition of a lady wearing a green dress roaming the beaches of Bald Island who has become known as the Grieving Ghost of Bald Head Island.  Some witness claim to have seen a transparent figure of a woman in a dress roaming the shores of Cape Hatteras as if searching for something.  A figure of a man has been spotted roaming the beaches of Cape Hatteras as well.  Many believe this is the spirit of her father, still looking for his daughter.  

The beaches of Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks of South Carolina is where many have claimed to have seen the spirit of Theodosia Burr

Believers in Alexander Hamilton's curse claim that Theodosia was killed by the spirit of Hamilton.  It was he who came up with the idea of building a lighthouse to protect ships from the rocks of Cape Hatteras.  When he was killed by Burr, he was no longer around to promote the idea and they say Theodosia Burr's disappearance was Hamilton's revenge.

The Grieving Ghost of Bald Head Island (Photo by Briana Brough of Wilmington-Star News)
 Outer Banks on Dwellable

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