Saturday, December 3, 2011

Phantom Dogs of Pawley's Island, South Carolina

On the shores of Pawley's Island, there is a legend of a haunting at the Pelican Inn that is not your usual ghost story.  This one involves a pair of ghostly dogs that roam the beaches.

It is said that two phantom dogs roam the beaches of Pawley's Island, South Carolina

Long ago an old woman was the caretaker of the Pelican Inn.  She lived there with her two Boston Terriers.  Occasionally she would take her dogs for walks along the beach where they loved to run and play.  They were the best of friends.  One weekend, a family was staying at the inn and were having an outing on the beach.  One of the small children ventured out into the surf too far and began to struggle.  The old lady and her dogs happened to be walking nearby and one of the dogs ran out to the distressed child allowing it grab on to its collar.  The small dog struggled to swim to shore and was pulled under the water a few times.  However, both the dog and the youngster made it to shore.  Sadly, the dog having taken in too much sea water, became ill and passed away.  It's friend, the other dog, was not the same after that and it too fell ill and died.

The beach at Pawley's Island, South Carolina

To this day it is said that the ghostly image of two terriers can be seen  along the surf near The Pelican Inn when the sun goes down on Pawley's Island.  They can be seen running and playing in the sand and water, but in an instant they are gone, leaving only footprints behind.

The Pelican Inn on Pawley's Island, South Carolina

The Pelican Inn
506 Myrtle Avenue
Pawleys Island, SC 29585 USA
Phone:     843-325-7522

The Pelican Inn
Myrtle Beach - South Strand on Dwellable

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