Monday, November 15, 2010

The Green Eyed Phantom of Chickamauga - Chickamauga, Georgia

Long before the Civil War ever came about the Cherokee Indians labeled the small creek that winds its way towards the Tennessee border and what is now Chattanooga, the Chickamauga or "River of Death". It is possible they named it that because it is the area where they were first hit with the small pox epidemic that wiped out many Cherokee. Hence the name "River of Death". It became exactly that in September of 1863 when Confederate and Union forces collided in the area just north of the creek.  The battle would produce over 32,500 casualties, including nearly 4,000 dead lying on the battlefield and West Chickamauga Creek after the two day engagement was over.  Many of the dead lay on the battlefield for months until they were hastily buried where they had fallen. Graves are all over the park and some are still accidentally unearthed to this day.
Artist rendition of The Battle of Chickamauga

People who have visited the park say that a strange fog rolls into the park in the evenings when there is no other fog in any other area.  Although there are many ghosts that haunt Chickamauga Battlefield, the most famous apparition or "creature" as some call it, because it is not entirely human looking.  They say a spectre can be seen with glowing green or greenish orange eyes, waist long hair, and fangs can be seen roaming through the fog. The most common place for the creature to be spotted is Snodgrass Hill.  They say that if you get close enough it will stare you down until you leave.

Chickamauga Battlefield

There are some who believe this spectre is a confederate soldier who killed his brother, a Union soldier.  He then in turn, was killed at the battlefield.  Now he roams the battlefield in eternal misery.  Perhaps twisted and transformed into a beast by the personal horrors of the war he experienced.


  1. when I was about 14 years old I saw a tall 6 foot, slinder, human shaped figure with long arms and SMALL CIRCULAR BRIGHT GLOWING GREEN EYES I was a sleep but woke very suddenly sitting up in my bed to face the foot of my bed were my closet was but i had a wooden desk with a tv and lamp on it that sat up aginst it couse I never used the closet. My bed was shaking slightly I could feel it!! my eyes were well adjusted and at the foot of my bed I could see a very tall man figure but all I could make out was the very SMALL bright green eyes arms and human shape it was not completly dark in my room and I sat there scard out of my mind watching him while he watched me!! He was standing at the foot of my bed in frunt of the lamp, with one hand on my bed post. after about 5 minutes I knew He was NOT leaving and in order to turn on my lamp I had NO choice but to go threw him so I jumped out of my bed and ran to the lamp turned it on and left it on and didnt sleep at all the rest of the night!! I dont know what he was but I dont live any whear near gorgia I'am in WA. state! I have also recantly seen 2 MORE one small child like shadow and 1 tall bulky man with a hat I saw these 2 at the same time only 4 nights ago i kept waking up scard about 4 times threw out the night every time i would look to the foot of my bed I saw the tall bulky man 1st. he had NO eyes just black as quike as i saw him he would be gone and instead small child like shadow figure was crouched on my lower hips/ legs seconds after they both were gone and i would go back to sleep only for it to happen over agian each time the fear I felt was greater! I dont know what these were ethier but I KNOW I SAW THEM...

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I actually live here in GA where Green eyes has been seen so many times. I see those balck figures in my house all the time. Im thinking they might have something to do with native american legends. I have actually personally seen green eyes myself.

  2. This story never gets old! I lived in Ringgold right next to the battlefield. Good times