Saturday, October 30, 2010

Witch of Graniteville Cemetery - Aiken, SC

It is believed that in the early hours of the morning when no one is stirring, a woman walks the graves of Graniteville Cemetery near Aiken, South Carolina.  They say she leaves flowers on the graves of all the little children who died an untimely death and are buried there.  She is known as the witch of Graniteville Cemetery.

Little boy's grave covered in flowers and toys

Some say what brings the "witch" to the cemetery is "The little boy".  I say little boy, because that is all he is known as.  As the story goes, a little boy was on a train traveling all alone.  It is unknown who he was or where he was going as he was very frail and weak.  He could not speak his name or utter a word.  He became even more ill, so the conductor decided to take him off of the train at Graniteville to see a doctor.  He was taken to the Graniteville Inn where he soon passed away.  He was buried in the Graniteville Cemetery in a grave simply marked "The Little Boy  October 1855".  Flowers and small toys began to appear on his grave as well as those of other children and some say they had seen a woman wandering through the tombstones at night. People were so moved by this, soon many began leaving small tributes to "The little boy". 

Some folks have claimed to have seen an apparition of a little boy wandering the graveyard as well as the woman.  Others however, tend to dismiss these stories and would like to believe that the little boy rests in peace knowing that he is loved.


  1. 1855 a long time ago a little boy stands waiting all alone by the train tracks outside of the railroad depot and nobody knew what his name was.

  2. So sad, I hope the little boy and whoever may have loved him have found peace at last.

  3. thats so sad it brought tears to my eyess i hope he rests in peace forever and know he is loved :')

  4. My husband is from Graniteville... The little boy story is known by everyone in Graniteville! The town recently purchased a new tombstone for the little boys grave site & to this day people leave toys & statues on the grave site! Its quite a touching sight to see. Over 150 years ago this poor boy passed away, but 150 years later the people of Graniteville still treasure this boy & hope he is happy & at peace. He has never heard about a "witch" but its possible about a woman figure!